+ Free From

With 55% of the UK buying Free-from products and 15% lactose intolerant, and a shift in demand for honest healthy foods, Baotic is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Vegan. They are also GREEN on the whole traffic light system; low in sugar, low in calories and zero fat. 

+ High Fibre

With the UK daily fibre intake less than 50% recommended NHS guidlines, Baotic is high in fibre (soluble and insoluble) keeping you fuller for longer. As a PRE-biotic it helps multiply the healthy bacteria already in your system! Health, its all about your microbiome!

+ MultiVitamin

All natural and fruity, Baotic is rich in multivitamins and minerals. Rich in Viatmin C, Antioxidants, and Fibre, with Potassium, magnesium and Calcium. Made from the delicious African Baobab super-fruits, with a unique sherbety kick! #upsidedowntree

+ Development

Baotic by Hippo & Hedgehog celebrates multicultural diversity, tailoring African ingredients to the UK taste bud for healthy, happy and helpful lives. A minimum 10% profit is committed to African community development and sponsors @GambiaRiverRun.

a little about..


Hi I’m Baotic, a funky little Baobab health drink!

I strive to be the most Healthy, Happy and Helpful little drink around. I’m a little learner and I like to innovate and grow, but let me tell you what I have in my pocket for now…

I’m bags full of Vitamin C. I’m top of my class for Antioxidants. I carry the ultimate Minerals, and no-one can touch me on Fibre! The best way to get something outa me is to put me in your belly! Try me for my zingy exotic sherbety taste!

I’m all GREEN on the traffic light system (low sugar, oh yea!). I’m dairy free, , high fibre, zero fat, low calorie, gluten free, and vegan!

Sure, I can benefit you, but I also love to help others! 10% profit goes to community development in Africa.

I’m all Natural. I take minimal processing. From tree, to pod, to powder, to Meeeee!  I’m the most zingy, most powerful super-fruit around.

Let’s be friends and live healthy and happy together – xx

– Made in the UK. Inspired by, and supporting, The Gambia; The Smiling coast of Africa 🙂


Baotic Isatou and PaulCo Founders Isatou Njai and Paul Blackler met in the Gambia in 2008, during Pauls VSO voluntary placement with the ministry of Education. Having dreamt and aspired about Baobab drinks since they met, they finally put their dreams into action launching their startup. Fundraising for community agriculture projects in The Gambia since 2008, Drink Baotic hopes to be a vehicle for greater impact, commits a minimum 10% profit towards their sustainable rural development projcets, and is a key sponsor to @GambiaRiverRun
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Baotic Family

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Community Development – Working to improve Income, Health and Nutrition in Rural Gambia. Co-founder Paul Blackler’s story: www.megameterrun.wordpress.com